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How it Works 

IMPORTANT: Before booking a session you will need to register as a member of SJP Youth Club and have returned a parental consent form.  Any bookings made without a valid membership will be cancelled and the slot released for an SJP Club member to use. 


If you need to register as a member please click here


Please be sure to fully read the webpage for the session you are booking before arriving and be sure you understand the terms and conditions. 


  1. Select the activity you would like to book. 

  2. Click on the picture to be taken to the booking page. 

  3. Select a session from the times available.

  4. Book your slot and an email confirmation with your ticket / pass will be sent to your inbox. (We use a booking system called Eventbrite, you will need to register with them the first time you book a session. We strongly recommend registering with your parent or guardian present and using their contact details.)

  5. Turn up a few minutes before your session is due to start and let us know your are here. 

  6. Enjoy the session 

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