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After Hours 

Do you have questions about the meaning of Life...The Universe ...Everything? 


‘After Hours’ is a chance to chill out and talk about the ‘Big Issues’ in a safe environment with free snacks and (soft) drinks.


It may be something personal that is bothering you and you’d like a chat with one of the youth workers or a current topic in the news you’d like to discuss with the group and try to understand the subject together. 

Your Questions Answered 

How the Session Works

The sessions start with snacks, drinks and general chatting, then we move on to a group discussion and always close with a prayer (we are a church after all) and then you can chill in the building until it's time to go at 9pm.


Free Food

We get that being a teenager is a little bit of food is the least we can do to help you through it. Just let us know about any allergies in advance. 

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