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Recording Studio 

Whether you want to record a podcast, a demo for your band or just try your hand at mixing and editing music, our recording studio is at your disposal.

We can provide you with a professional standard microphone, a digital interface with eight channels and a choice of music editing software, with GarageBand for beginners and Logic X for the more advanced musicians. The studio also includes a iMac and a shared external hard drive, for saving your projects.


Basic support, tuition and guidance will be available from the SJP Youth Club team, so you can build your skill set, while developing your projects.   


What to Expect

When you arrive for your first session an SJP Youth Club team member will have a chat with you and determine how best we can support you and your project. We will then talk you through the equipment and software and provide as much (or little) support as you need. 

You will be free to work on your project alone, but a team member will always be available if you need help. 

Shortly before the end of your session a team member will remind you to save your project. As we wipe all information from the computers between users we strongly recommend you save your work on an external drive, to ensure it is not lost.


SJP Youth Club can provide a shared external hard drive for your use, but please note it will be used by other members, so we can not guarantee total privacy for this work.


SJP Youth Club can not be held responsible for any projects lost or deleted on the shared hard drive.  For this reason, we suggest members provide their own memory stick for important projects. 

Be Prepared

Plan in advance, 50mins may sound like a long time, but it can go very quickly. 

Preparing scripts, songs and content before the session will help you make the most of your time in the studio.

Think outside the box

This is YOUR project, you have total control.


SJP team members will be around to support you, but the project is up to you. 


Don't be afraid to get creative. 

Advanced Notice

Some projects will take longer to set up than others. 

If you are in a band with several instruments, it will take time to prepare the studio. 

So please give us advanced warning if you are bringing a lot of instruments, so we can plan in advance and ensure you have as much recording time as possible. 


We aim to give you total creative freedom over your project. 

However anyone using highly offensive language in their recording  (e.g. racial slurs, threats of violence, propaganda for extreme causes etc.) will be asked to leave the studio and their project will be deleted. 

Repeated offences may result in a member being barred from the studio.

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