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Virtual Reality

SJP Youth Club is pleased to offer sessions with state of the art virtual reality equipment, free to all young people.

We offer a wide library of games, with something for everyone, whether you want to try your hand at being a ninja, learn to DJ and operate a mixing desk, visit the sickest club and dance the night away with virtual friends or save the world from killer fruit. A full list of games is available below.

It is impossible to describe the immersive feeling of  VR games, so why not book your session now, so you can experience this new technology for yourself. 


What to Expect 

When you arrive for a VR sessions, the first thing that you will need to do is fit the VR headset to your head. This will take a few seconds and a team member will be on hand to assist.


On your first  visit you will be required  to take a quick 'First Step' session on the headset, this will teach you how to use the controllers and give you an idea of what is possible using VR technology. 

Once you have completed this short tutorial you will be free to explore the games in the library and don't worry, there will always be someone around to help if you get stuck. 

At the end of the session you will be given a 5min warning, this will allow you to complete any level you are on. 

It should be noted that we will be unable to save game progress, so please keep this in mind when picking your games.  

Hints and Tips 

  • Each session is 30mins and this can go very quickly, so  prepare in advance. Look through the games list below and decided which games your want to play and google videos with tips on gameplay before the session. 

  • Be on time. Your session will start at the time stated on your booking. If you are late, the session will not be extended. 

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help, there will always be a team member on hand if you need tips or advice. 

  • Ensure the head set is fit correctly, this will help you get the most from the experience. 

  • Remember that team members will have a link to the headset and can see what you can see. This is so they can help you if you get stuck, but also so we can keep  you safe.


The Games 

SJP Youth Club has a library of games on each device.

Watch the trailers below and choose the games you want to play.

We will be adding more games to the library each month, based on requests and suggestions from club members

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